Trying a different method

Trying a different method

here's that sculpture I had posted earlier ...'s from a series I call the Rift Series. This is entitled "Catalyst" It was a bit hit at a recent show I had. I've decided not to sell this one or the other until I have a group together...possibly for a show. janet R.

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My only way of posting pictures for now

Hi everyone,
Well this method worked for me. I scanned a printed picture and posted it and that worked. I can't seem to resize my photo's , so this method will have to do for now.
Janet R.

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like the new approach on the sculpture makes me want to climb it to or through it..very inviting form. like the rivets strong form..glad to see pics..where there's a will there's a way. gotta appreciate your second and third efforts.. Brad

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this may help

Not that I know much about camera stuff, but i have two digitals- one is a mere 2 meg and the other will do eight. I have never had a problem with the 2, but the eight screws up the works every time unless I resize the aperture in the camera itself. Once again, don't know if it will help- but hey give it a shot.

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for free you can download google picassa, its easy to use.then you start a desktop folder,send your pics to that folder and you can upload pics that way.very easy and simple

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WOW! I really love this

WOW! I really love this design! It reminds me of a pin I made some time ago in sterling and really makes me want to go back and explore the design idea more.

THANKS for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Wonderful sculpture

Wonderful sculpture Janet!

Is that a raw (fresh) steel finish that you have lacquered or have you done something else? If it is lacquered, how long does the finish last before the rust sets in?


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Steel, cleaned and laquered

Yes Peter it's mild steel I've cleaned wiped with DNA (denatured alcohol) and I use Niolac sealer.It wouldn't withstand being outside or a humid enviroment.otherwise I'd make it in stainless. Janet

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I really like this piece. Whats the demenssions? and thickness of the steel? either way its great!

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Thanks Everyone!

I'd just like to thank all my peers and new friends for your wonderful comments. I really love these sculptures and I am so happy I'm getting a great reaction to them. Although these past pieces are not too big ...I'm hoping to attempt a large scale one but in stainless...for outdoors.
This piece is about ( I don't have it here) 19" x 16" x 3" The thickness is about 1/8th . it's my favorite piece right now. Love all you guys....and ladies Janet R.

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Great Piece

I liked it when you showed it to me in New York, and I like now. It's fun and has a type of motion to it. It also has mass appeal. People want to walk around it, touch it, climb in it, etc. I can easily see large versions of this style in a park or large installation format. It's really great. I can't wait to see what you do with this style.


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Hi Janet
I really like this sculpture and the mix of rivets and organic flow,the relationship between industrial and nature is somthing ive often thought about living in London.
Look forward to seeing how the concept develops.

All the best Nick