New pic of A leaf is a leaf

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New pic of A leaf is a leaf

This is a new picture of my repousse' and I'd like some feed back, I'm working hard to get better pictures of my work. I like it much better than the previos photos.

OK now let me have it, I asked for it,
I've got broad shoulders.

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I think you did a good job,

I think you did a good job, Grizz. Shows the detail great. It's a Hair over exposed maybe......Did you use a flash?


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Grizz, I like the contrast.


I like the contrast. The pods stand out well. I like the folded over leaves. Frame stand and placque. The whole package. Congratulations.


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I still like this

I still like this piece....
But if you want a little two cents??? use a white sheet or something like it as a back-drop. It helps keep distractions away from what you're showing.
Guthrie, MN

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Grizz- Nice piece!! As

Nice piece!! As always, very exciting to see your work.

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Gorgeous! Love the

Gorgeous! Love the textures... good photography. Framing of picture is a little off, but that's okay.

Wonderful craftsmanship!

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Definitely a much better

Definitely a much better picture of the piece, Grizz!

To echo the comments of others, try using a neutral, plain background to avoid distraction. It really helps to keep the interest on the piece itself. As for the centering that Enrique mentioned, that can be a tough thing to hit just right on a rectilinear piece like that, since the eye wants it to be perfectly parallel to the borders of the picture, but the camera's light wants it to be taken from an angle slightly off of dead center. (One reason I prefer to use floodlights) The only easy way I know to resolve the parallax conflict is in Photoshop. You can use the "distort" or "skew" tools to fudge the image to fit the frame, yet still have that nice lighting.

Back when I was using a view camera, I'd just do the tilt and swing thing and get the image squared-up nicely in the viewfinder, but those days are long gone. (grin)

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Thanks for the responce, I

Thanks for the responce, I like trying different things, this time I tried natural sunlight with the background you see, I was so much happier, the true colors of the copper were easier to bring our but the glare in the top right corner was either there or elsewhere so I left it there.

Tommorrow a few of my items (including this one) get shot by a real photographer in his studio, see what he comes up with.


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I really like the texture. What did you do to darken the backround? Are those bird feet on the frame?

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Great Balance

Great balance in this piece, super job on the repousee' and the frame really sets the piece off.

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I like the metal frame

I like the metal frame combined with the repousé.


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Thankyou all for the kind

Thankyou all for the kind comments


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how is the frame put

how is the frame put together. is it solid or is it for separate pieces joined. also how is repose piec attached to frame

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The frame is 8 seperate

The frame is 8 seperate pieces put together with hidden welds.

The repousse' is held in place with a steel frame behind.


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its a wonderful piece. would you mind showing the back?

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I had the privilege to view

I had the privilege to view this piece in person today. It is a great piece of work and to top it off, the repousse' panel can be removed with little effort should it need to be.

It was good to see Grizz and his son Jason on there way back from metalfab conference. They made a wonderful panel that was installed athe Ornamental Metal Museum. very cool

Rick Sidebottom
Metal Artist