there's gotta be a way outa here

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there's gotta be a way outa here

My next sculpture is a Maquette which might appeal to you is an expression of the lengths to which an individual has to go in order to free themselves from the bonds of their origins ........a variation on the picture attached is the weight of the figure bending the branch back to the ground the higher he climbs .........

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I like it, Seppi! The

I like it, Seppi!

The variation, with the tree bowing to the ground as the figure reaches the top, somehow makes me think of the Roadrunner cartoons - y'know, where Wile E. Coyote is pulling back the limb for a roadrunner snare and inevitably launches himself? Could be both evocative and humorous to the twisted sort of mind I seem to inhabit.


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bending under the weight of the past

In this case it is more of an ironic bend .....the higher he goes the closer he gets to where he started ......not so bad if the climb took long enough that he grew to love his origins .....It is an image that could have come from the Prophet .....which just goes to show how much of my past pulls the bow of the present .....oooh...must be getting to the end of the year .....reflections ...reflections .....intentions ......pretensions .....Happy Christmas and a healthy new year ....G