cast and fabricated sculpture of bronze and steel

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cast and fabricated sculpture of bronze and steel

Latest work 69 inches high by 42 wide. The base is fabricated from plate weathering steel. The sculpture is cast and fabricated silicon bronze. It is a design concept for a fountain. The sculpture is part of an on going series which explores natural earth processes such as erosion and tectonics. Some of the series is 2d, though most of the series is sculpture in bronze, steel, wood and plaster.

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Thats a good lookin piece.

Thats a good lookin piece. Is the top section all one casting? I'm also wondering if this is a concept piece how big the real deal will/would be, and is there an immage of some sort in the center. . . I wish I could see it in person.

work well,


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The bronze (top portion) is cast in several pieces.  It weighs about 350 pounds - with the base around 600 or so.  

The surface appears random and spontaneous, on a closer look you would find my fingerprints cast, some text (about tectonics) and geologic history.

Thanks for the comments.     - George