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The Squadron

7 Papios... copper sculpture in 24 gauge copper

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Gary Nice piece!!! I will


Nice piece!!! I will make grill for that hahaha...I just love it.Nice presentation also that f one is missing you can tell that there is something lacking...


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Aloha Gary! You are lucky to

Aloha Gary!

You are lucky to live in such an inspiring state, full of luctious vegetation, beaches and animals. Very beautiful work, sculpture and jewelry. When you refer to beach glass, are you talking about naturaly polished pieces of man-made glass thrown into the ocean? Excuse my question. The glass inserts look gorgeous, just like that without perfect polishing. How do you shape and finish (grind) the pieces to use them as desired? I have no interest in making jewelry, but always wanted to use glass pieces in some of my sculpture. Any practical tips you may provide will be appreciated. Nelson.

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I have apologise if i do any things wrong,

I have to say that my english is not good. If I do some thing wrong just tell me. I visit this web for long time
but never share any ideas . I don't know to start the topic.
I will try . I'm Thai from Thailand. South East Asia.
We have the Great King. I'm a metalshaper.I like to show you
my work and share the process and idea ,listen the comments.
Oh how can I post the pic.

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Like to post a pic.

First try. Try.First try.: Try.

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I'm learning.

 Just try.Copper sculpture.: Just try.I'm learning how to add the image. I've gotten one.
I've tried many times. Again and again.

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Beautiful work

Wow!. That's very cool

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Aloha Nelson,
Sorry I haven't logged on here for such a long time.
ALL my beachglass is glass that I have found here on Kauai. I do nothing to alter it in any way (other than drilling)
They're as beautiful on the beach as they end up in my jewelry. Thank you so much,