Completed Cattleya Plant Sculpture

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Completed Cattleya Plant Sculpture

Here is the completed Cattleya Orchid Plant Sculpture. The remaining air roots have beed added and the (brass)columns are also added to the blossoms. The steel components have been finished with Blueing and then clear enameled, and finally dulled with fine steel wool. The copper blossoms have been given a clear enamel coating as well.

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Hi Andrija,
Thank you.

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Stephen Fitz-Gerald
Pretty cool Frank.

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Hi Stephen,
Thank you.Seeing just the bloom all the time seems an injustice.

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Really nice Frank. I have

Really nice Frank. I have enjoyed your 'plant series' very much.
What kind of clear enamel did you use on the copper?


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Rattle Can

Hi Sandra,
Thank you very much. I used Rustoleum clear enamel in a rattle can over the gun bluing, and over the raw copper. The copper got a rather textured surface from the torch, so I think it'll stick OK.

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Ah ha, when you said enamel

Ah ha, when you said enamel I thought about glass enamel fired in a kiln/torch fired.