Eastern Bearded Dragon by DragonMaster

Eastern Bearded Dragon by DragonMaster

The Eastern Dragon is made entirely of recycled heating ductwork. Eah peice, as all of my work, is hand cut and welded. Measures 6' Long x 22' Tall x 12' Wide at feet. Very beautiful.

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Very fierce, not the cute dragon we sometimes see. I really like him! Lin

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very very nice. looks like

very very nice. looks like it was a lot of work, but well worth the effort.
Guthrie, MN

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Awesome! Great attention to

Awesome! Great attention to detail...painstaking detail. How much does he weigh? How long did he take to make? The legs, and feet look a bit like armor.


Jamie Santellano

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Thanks guys

This one took me about 300 hrs, this dragon weighs about 40 Lbs and has several hundred scales on it. This one I did on a dare from an art critic at a show that I was at one weekend. Thankfully, he has apologized. Thanks for the comments.

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