work in progress for "DIRTY SHOW '08"

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work in progress for "DIRTY SHOW '08"

work in progress for I'm doing three couple studies for the "DIRTY SHOW '08"

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Ahhhhhh, What are they trying to do there Don??Is that a kamasutra position?<S>also what metals are you using and is this some kind of build up technique?..................thanks..bob

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I think she's tryin to get

I think she's tryin to get something out of his shirt pocket. :)
sorry ;)
Bill Roberts

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hahaha good observation Bill do you think Don will answer us?<s>

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I'm sorry for not responding in a quick manner. I'm just really swamped with work (see the brick work post). I'm leaving in the morning for another week of 45lb. bricks. I turned in the Dirty Show piece without taking a picture of the finished work. if it dosen't sell I'll get a picture up for your pleasure.

Don T.

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The piece is made with found rods and gas welding.

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Tig welding?

Are you tig welding to build up? I have some pendants that look similar I used that method...

Cooper Dalhart
dalhart designs

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build up

mig-stick and gas welding. with stick the flux causes fishers that help create some interesting outcomes, in an impromptue sort of way, when I continue the development of my pieces.

don t.

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any further along??

hi Don are you any farther along?? I think this pic was from last year sure would like to see how you are progressing also how do you get into this show??I have plenty of ideas thanks for any info.............bigbob