"Balancing Act"

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"Balancing Act"

This is my very first cardboard marquette (masking tape sucks, hot glue guns rock!). Going to start working on this in metal soon. Original idea scribble is on the bottom right. Going to learn to use a 3D app to make future ideas look better and easier to view.

Didn't want to work in cardboard originally but it has its benefits; seeing the piece in 3D before investing the time and money, living with the design and seeing if you still like it, being able to measure and scale as desired.

Let's see how close the metal version comes to this one.

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What are you going to use

What are you going to use for a base??

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Like my arguments, it's baseless.

If I can work it, I won't use a separate base. Hoping I can get the bottom box heavy enough to support the piece. If not, I'll think of something. Hopefully, by the time it's done, my welding and metal cutting skills will be better.

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Looks like a fun project. A lot of cuts and making the boxes square. Also enjoyed your comment about the hot glue gun. I use mine all of the time. Sometimes thru a project you want to do some fitting and instead of tack welding, hot glue in place just to see how it fits. I like the sticks that do not get real hard and easier to peel off.

www Metalrecipes -- heat and beat to the desired shape, repeat as necessary.

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Hot Glue

Hi Warren,

Hot glue guns are new to me. After struggling with tape I bought a mini glue gun at Home Depot which seemed to like oozing out the sides more than the front. Got a full-sized one at Walmart for the same price as the mini and it works darn well.

You saying you use yours with metal? Now that's something I never though of. Cool!