Stargazing Lily Sculpture

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Stargazing Lily Sculpture

 This is a Copper Lily that I made by using the foldforming technique. This was the first time that I have tried this.

Stargazing Lily: This is a Copper Stargazing Lily that I made using the fold forming technique. This is the first time that I have tried fold forming and I had a really good time making this piece. The base is red cedar which is what I had lying around at the time, I will be putting this on a marble base. The colors are a white patina and I put a little green dye on the leaves after coloring with the torch.

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Nicely done, Joe! I agree

Nicely done, Joe! I agree that a different base would be better, but the lily itself is very well done.

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Pretty Flower

Hi Joe,
Pretty Flower. I like the colors.Can you apply the white patina to allow the copper to show through more if desired?
A few years ago I made a Lilly from brass and copper. The base was a piece of maple in the round(2 1/2" diameter)about four inches tall. The shape of the base looked enough like a vase that it worked well.
Fold forming seems to be useful for the longitudinal shape in leaves and petals and such, but at least for me alternate methods are more effective for the laterally oriented shapes.

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Hi Frank, You can apply as

Hi Frank,

You can apply as little or as much patina that you want, it is from Sculpt Nouveau and is applied by heating the piece to 200 degrees then spraying on the patina then heating and spraying until you get the desired color.


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