Dark Sun

Dark Sun

Here's the peice I screwed up on. Live and learn

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recent work..

Hi Chuck,

your screw up is pretty good work and the other one is inspiring.

apparently your muse (s) is speaking audibly .

Jim Adams

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Hey Chuck, That's a very

Hey Chuck,

That's a very nice piece...There are no mistakes-only discoveries.

Great job on your discovery!

Jamie Santellano

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what's the problem ...

looks good to me .....

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Hi Chuck,
Still catching up on the previous posts. Where is the screw up???? This is one of my favorite pieces of yours.
Excellent design and movement....you can trash it my way anyday!!!! Janet R.

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Janet, Glad you liked it. I

Glad you liked it.
I enjoyed your Pic's from Europe.
The peice has been dismantled for now. I used the Sun for a Kokopelli head. It's also posted. I Still have a lot to learn.
As always thank you for the kind words

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Hi Chuck,
I cannot believe you too this piece apart! I think it was(is) great.

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Hi Frank,
Yeah, this project was a real Bummer!
I did so many things wrong with this peice.
The Framing structure on the backside was done incorrectly, it twisted and warped.
The patina was way.. to dark and I made the ultimate mistake.
The guy I bought the patina from said "don't use a High gloss Clear Coat!"
Well, I know more than he does? WRONG, Like a Dumb Ass yep you guessed it I used a High Gloss Clear Coat. The project went downhill from there.
I could go on and on however I'm chalking it up to a learning experience and moving on.
Did I mention if asked my Wife if she liked it? She hated it!
So, like wounded puppy I caved in my artistic feelings were hurt.
Grow up and get over it!
The most valuable thing I can take from all of this is "THAT NOT EVERYONE WILL LIKE MY ART!"
Anyway, I liked it and although it may have it's faults. I Thank you for your kind words!


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Chuck....you are so wrong....

I don't know why you see the piece as a failure????
I love the coloration, the dark omnious feeling. the warping adds dimension, a sense of movement...explosiveness,,,,too bad you diassembled it....sometimes it;s best to let things sit on the shelf,,,,like my warrior woman, She sat for over a year on my studio wall until someone said they liked it, then I reworked it a bit and ......happiness...a piece well done and bought. Janet R.