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I like both this one and the

I like both this one and the cattail. Very nice work. So are they alum. or steel?


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The brits call it "aluminium"

The leaves and flower are 3003 H-14 and the stem is 6061 T-6. And to think that at one time aluminum was regarded as a precious metal

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Hi Bebo, Trillium is nice.

Hi Bebo,
Trillium is nice. Now here`s and idea: what about using just a piece of plate with irregularities as a base. I`m not too fond of round, nice, office type bases. Think about ground and dirt, it`s irregular ... it may add more naturality and creativity. Best wishes. Nelson.

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feel the bass..I mean base

I like your line of thinking... I actually just worked up a base for another cattail sculpture and made it quite shiny and reflective to imitate water. I confess this is a case of letting methods dictate form. I have been spending quite a bit of time learning how to smoothly shape sheet metal (no air planishing hammer or E-wheel yet) and maybe I have been getting carried away with it. I had also considered a wood base, or to make it an outdoor piece just burying the base in the dirt....