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inside herself

This piece is still in the making. Getting closer. Titled "sometimes I can see her disappearing inside herself" all flat copper wire, braided worked with fingers, hammers over stakes and pliers. Enjoy more pics later. Brad

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Wow thats amazing, how much

Wow thats amazing, how much time do you have invested in her?


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Thanks Grizz

Thanks Grizz.
Frank and I must have purchased our hour glass timers from the same place. I forget to turn it over. I've been working on her as time permits for a little over a month. Just a little more tweaking she's mostly there. Brad

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Hi Brad,
I looked at that image until my eyes dried out.I was going down that tunnel and back out again.Woven things fascinate me.
How about a view looking down the head. Nice.

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Snap snap

snap snap Frank next shot up should show the top weave. at least as much of it as I have in the file. Glad you are enjoying. The problem with this piece is that when you push in one area the whole thing moves. She's one interlaced lady, very introspective.. I just love doing nude studies. Brad

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Hi Brad,
When you push in one spot , it transfers the force to the rest of the structure. I love it. Some day I plan on creating a custom car body that basically has a woven structure.I was going to use Formian mathematics, but my head gets too fuzzy, so I'll kind of weave an inner surface that leaves triangles instead of diamonds like your sculpture. Then I'll make a tetrahedron on top of each triangle. Finally another woven surface whose nodes meet at the tip of each tetrahedron. There is still the force distribution, but with an ultra stablility because of the tetrahedrons.See what you did to me!!!!! I won't sleep tonight.

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hope you got some sleep

It's delightful to see where the work leads people. The pieces become portals for other peoples thoughts. This becomes one of those thinking about thinking riddles. I'll try to post a couple more pics this evening of other work that is more about pattern. some of it goes to your tetra thoughts. Later I have to get to work. Brad

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Truly a fountainhead!


Fred Zweig

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Yes, Very insightful of you to notice that the snapshot of her going inward could be interpreted as her developing from. There is much truth in ambiguity and contradiction. I was so glad when someone developed a chaos theory! What's curious to me is that your observation could refer to the direction of the process of making her. The work begins at the base and does come forth. There is also the ambiguous quality to interior and exterior of the form. Even the lines that develop the form are a sort of illusion. No one line defines the form, there is no silhouette line, any silhouette is a combination of lines. While the lines create pattern it's the deviation from the pattern that is telling, but not always. While a good portion of this piece is intended, much of it is discovered. Sometimes I watch myself make these things. enjoy Brad

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amazing work...........makes

amazing work...........makes my eyes cross.........someone you know?..........sorry.... couldn't help it
Guthrie, MN

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thank you

I'm not sure that I know her. I'm not sure where she goes? or where she's been when she returns. I'm just pleased when she does. I've seen her many places and in many faces. I've seen her in hundreds of classrooms, in crowds of people at airports, riding the bus, even in the faces of my kids as I realise that I've told that story to them before. But she's a mystery to me. I'm just a daydream believer and a butterfly farmer, after all. Enjoy Brad

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Brad, I like this piece and


I like this piece and am impressed with the design. Along with everything else you do, you are really getting good at forming and weaving metal. That's one of the things on my "I need to learn to do list" (that I probably will never get to).
Life is just too damn short!


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thank you

Perhaps this evenings posts will give you a place to get started. And life is too short. Has it ever occurred to you, that we are given all of that energy when we haven't a clue what to do with it? Back to work. Enjoy Brad

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Brad, another woven

another woven beauty.
so much goin on there.

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Thanks Bill

Thanks Bill. enjoy Brad

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Exquisite piece...

Seeing this certainly made my day. To me, it feels more like a fountaing outward. I can almost see the shadow this piece casts when lit from the side, like a child dancing across the wall.

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good insight

Very insightfull of you and Fred to point that out. The shadows are quite nice. Excellent vision, Ray Glad to have you aboard. Brad

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I know i am late to this thread but how did the piece turn out?
"It Just Doesn't matter."