The "Gazinta"

The "Gazinta"

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Never mind the Gazinta,

Never mind the Gazinta, that's a beautiful anvil!!! Mine sucks. I like the neat tool too though. You made it right??

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Mele, Yep, I made the tool


Yep, I made the tool and posted a lengthy blog entry on it describing how it was made and how it works. Glad you like it. I do enjoy making tools.

I really love my Nimba Gladiator anvil! It's a magnificent design, and at 450# it just sits there and takes anything I give it. I do try to keep it in tip-top condition, though it doesn't always look quite as spiffy as it is in those photos. I had just finished a set of forged copper scrolls and I needed it shined up pretty well to do them, since copper is so easy to mark up with a grungy anvil or hammer face. A few minutes spent with the sander ahead of time can save ten times that much time in clean-up after the forging is done.