Deck cannons for pirate ship

Deck cannons for pirate ship

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These is a great looking replica. Does anyone know where I can find plans for this cannon and cart? If you do please email me at



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Thanks for the compliment,

Thanks for the compliment, Matt. I made these cannons working from some antique naval architect's blueprints for the actual cannon, but modified them to suit th eclient's requirements. I did not make any blueprints of the replicas, sorry. You can do a search online, as I did, and possibly locate some reproductions of old naval blueprints as I did and scale them down yourself.

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Love it!

Will it fire? There is an old guy in Dorset who restores and fires cannons in his retirement! What a wonderful life. We had to do a job on Larlhill army camp, in front of the officers mess were a pair of beautiful cannons. Turns out they were 12th centuary spoils of war from India. Wonderful cast jumping fish handles on the barrel.
Michelle and Andy

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Thank you for that question,

Thank you for that question, I consider it a testament to my success at faux painting. The barrel is turned wood, not iron. I did not want the liability of anyone ever trying to fire the pieces, so the barrels are wood and the bore only extends about 3" deep.

While the customer is fairly well off, I don't think he'd have been willing to foot the bill for me to cast or turn iron or bronze barrels for four cannon that are really nothing more than set pieces for a fake pirate ship that is, in the final analysis, a seagoing playhouse for his two daughters. In any event, I wouldn't make an operable field piece for children, no matter the price.

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Very Nice cannon!
I've made two cannons for a guy I used to work with out of Oklahoma City. One was a 3/4 ball and the other an 1 1/4. Both Fired. It was a fun job to turn out on the lathe. He did the wood work. This was pre take pictures of things that technicaly were not produced from the shop I worked at.
I love the realism you acheived here. Very nice!

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Purchase one of these?

Anyone know where I may be able to purchase this replica or one similar to this?

if so please email me at

Justin Weller

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ship canons

im looking for replica ship canons 8 footers....if anywone knows who may have same it would be a blessing.

thanks very much


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deck cannons

hi, Rich

I wish to I know how to express such a delicate touch!
nicely done!!!

dong gwan

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Thank you, dong wan! That

Thank you, dong wan! That means a lot to me, coming from you.


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nice design lines

Nice lookin' little 'boomers'!

I have an old 4 ft lathe, and think I'll have to get two of these ready by Halloween.

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Hi Do you know where I can

Do you know where I can source replica cannons just like this only made from cast?

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Pirate Cannons

I am trying to find pictures or sketch of a type of pirate cannon that uses straps to hold down barrel. By that I mean the barrel I have does not have the center pin to hold it to the base. The guy who built it said it was modeled after a pirate cannon that was actually strapped down to the base and had an adjustment screw at back to adjust elevation. I have not been able to find any info on this type of mount. He did a great job turning this brass barrel and it will shoot but I need to make a scale base for it to fit in to complete the look.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.