Two Piece Wax

Two Piece Wax

Given the problems I have experienced in casting this bust in one piece, I cut her head off and will make two castings. I am a much better welder than I am a metal caster.

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casting problems


I think this may be a good move. I cut and cast rather small pieces and weld and chase verses "trying" to get a good casting in one piece. Also often eliminate slurry drains (remember I do shell casting) and makes for much easier shell building. Just be sure to put enough metal supply sprues onto/into the pieces. Cutting and grinding some sprue attachments is far asier and quicker than doing another casting. Also the head is now getting to a size that direct metal pouring, metal entry at a number of sprues around the neck cut and the head is upside down when pouring. I see a number of ways to get the metal into the torso.. Wish you were closer to someone who does this sort of thing so an in person review could take place. In person help is always my favorite, when I am getting it or giving it.

Good, no GREAT luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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