A dark piece I did a year or 2 back.
Our delightful government of the time took to locking up refugees who arrived in the country illegaly. There was the usual media frenzy and protests on a daily basis, but then the press just forgot about the whole issue. I suddenly realised a year later that we heard nothing of these unfortunates, but they were still langishing in prison.

I guess it is also a reflection on the dark places within.

It is actually quite a bit darker in the box than it appears in this shot. You can usually only just make out the face.

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From the Soul

Hi Peter,
Thanks for posting some of your work. All three are well executed. Your 'Forgotten' sculpture strikes me as from your soul.The hands are quite realistic, with a grip that has no lasting strength, as if to say I'm here for a while.
Imprisonment is societies toilet, no matter who gets flushed, they are now excrement unseen and usually forgotten.
What amazes me is how some perverted freak, who should be in a cage, is made into a celebrity by the "media".
Good art, Peter , you made me think.

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Strong Piece

yeah good strong thoughts went into this piece.
How did you make the hands?


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Thanks for the comment

Thanks for the comment Frank.

Warren. I used alginate to take a mold of my hands while they were grasping the bars. I poured in the plaster, removed the mold and then welded the bars in to the box.