"Wild Weasel" Tanto

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"Wild Weasel" Tanto

Blade Tempered, Anealed and Blued
Aprox. 4 in. Blade, 8 in. Overall
Complete with Japanese style handle wrap, blued steel and #002 to signify as the second knife to come out of the forge. It was made special for an F-16 "Wild Weasel" Pilot, hence the name. I'm proud of my time spent with this knife and the care it presently remains in.

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Hi Woodford, This is my

Hi Woodford,
This is my favorite of the knives you've posted.
The wrap for the handle looks great.
I also like the the Thumb Ridges you put on the Backside.
I'm sure the Pilot will wear this with Pride.
Nice job on this Blade!


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Hey Chuck

This one was a lot of fun! I like the thought that goes into making something for a person I know. It gives me time to reflect on friendships and experiences. Fighter Pilots are a wild bunch, and its awesome to think that this blade is buzzing around at 15,000 feet at about 600 miles per hour. Here's hoping he never really needs to use it!

Dustin "Woody" Woodford

"They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance!"
-General John Sedgwick (Killed by a Confederate sharp-shooter at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House)