Steve's B-day Weapon

Steve's B-day Weapon

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Wow, really wicked looking,

Wow, really wicked looking, well done. What is the purpose of the rings on the back side of the blade? I've seen that before in weapon imagery?


Jake Balcom
Mettle Design
Lincoln, NE

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Thanks, It was a fun little

Thanks, It was a fun little project. I am copying the rings from the imagery that i can remember of eastern style weapons. I believe that a lot of the extras on the weapons were meant to distract, confuse, and intimidate the enemy. some of them were meant to spray or catch the blood, again to intimidate. I was surprised to find how much extra weight the rings added, so there could be something to that. This weapon was made for my Brother, who is a computer gamer, and a fan of the World of Warcraft. So I wanted to make him a fanciful war trophy.