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Amazing depth on your cross!

Amazing depth on your cross! Could you explain how many heat annealing you had to do to get the depth?

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Great work, and QuiQue took the words right out of my computer's mouth (or keyboard). How many times did you re-anneal that to get that depth !

Rick Crawford at Smoky Forge

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Copper repousse cross


I really like your repousse cross. What are the dimensions & how do you intend to display it?


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Thanks for all the nice comments. It's about 5"x5". Small enough to fit into my 8" pitch bowl. I probably had seven or eight annealings. Didn't actually count them when I was doing it but that's probably pretty close. To get the depth, I would work the flat areas around the cross pushing more metal toward the cross, then anneal flip it and take that metal and push out for the depth. I was a little worried about punching through but I was able to keep it thick enough that that was not an issue.