Dianna's Disc Vase

Dianna's Disc Vase

This is my latest internet commission, headed for Rochester,New York.The client saw a smaller disc vase I had posted and asked if I could make the same sort of thing but in a 10 inch diameter.

I have used the trip hammer to texture the surface with a special ball bearing die I made.This is 8 gauge stainless steel so I used the 125 lb trip hammer in my friends blacksmith shop. This was done COLD (meaning no heat).The two discs warped up from so much hammering on just one side that they were convex THE WRONG WAY.I then used an 85 ton press (in another shop) with convex dies to bend the plates the other way,meaning convex but now with the texture on the outside. I cut the crescent off the top of each disc with the band saw and welded them together all the way round the outside.Then I filled the vase with water to check for leaks.The shaft on the base is 2"diameter tubing which I cut and ground to fit precisely the bottom profile of the disc vase.I welded inside the tube to attach it to the base so there would be a clean profile on the outside and little clean up. The base plate is similarly welded on it's underside to further eliminate any exterior cleanup.The rest is polishing with Scotchbrite pads, then a cotton wheel on a pedestal grinder.I show the client progress shots of the process and the final piece and wait for their blessing before sending it off...

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Disk Vase

Once again thanks for the inspiration. Great looking piece and good description of what it takes to do (including friends with different tools). May need to try something like this in copper.