first chasing & repousse project - replaced rivets!!!

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 first chasing & repousse project - replaced rivets!!!

Here it is again; I replaced the pop rivets with hand-made copper ones and the frame does look a lot better! Tomorrow it goes to my friend.

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Sandra, That's waaaaay


That's waaaaay better! The handmade rivets set off the frame very positively and work as an additional design element this way. Excellent. I'm really glad you did that to this piece - those pop rivets really bothered me a lot.

I'm certain your friend is going to be absolutely thrilled with this piece. There's no finer gift than something entirely hand made by a friend, and receiving an artist's first/early piece is extra special.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!


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pop rivets

Looked good before but now is truly a finished work of art. Great job.


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Thank you - thank you so

Thank you - thank you so much.


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You've come a long way since

You've come a long way since you began this project! It is far better with the new rivets. Your next project will be even better as you have obviously learned a LOT during this one! FUN isn't it!?!?

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Yes, it was fun - it was

Yes, it was fun - it was awesome. I told my husband to watch out I am getting muscle bound ;-)

I didn't know that the YAK gallery was for RSS, I did post to "Other Metal Gallery."

I did get a better hammer with a much smaller head which helped. But I found out that the best image occured when I struck the repousse tool really hard.

It must be genetic because one of my ancestors was a blacksmith and I am smitten with metal, hammers, flame and all that.

By the way, the giraffes aren't pets-they were wild, that picture was taken at the San Diego Wild Life park. We went on the "photo safari" during which we got to feed the giraffes and some rhinos. We were in the back of a big truck and stopped here and there to view the wild animals up close (and take pictures, of course.) I was in absolute heaven when those two giraffes came up to the truck. One of them liked my hair and kept snuffling the back of my head. What an experience. Giraffes don't like to be touched so we never got to feel their coat, but they LOVE accacia leaves.

Anyway, thanks again for all the help, but mostly the feedback. There is nothing better!