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This jpg is just over 1 MB, as that is what it came out to be when I cut it's size in half. This is the pasta wheel that takes the pasta from the hopper and turns until it can drop it into the conveyor bucket.

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Hay, did you do those fine

Hay, did you do those fine tig welds? If you click on the "original" image, you get to see the details. And the fabrication of this piece is very well crafted.

Thanks for sharing!

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tig welds

Thanks for the kind words, but I don't get to play with the welders at work. Something about 'other things to do', and 'not in that department'.
It is nice looking, especially after the bead blasting.

Rick Crawford at Smoky Forge

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tig welds

It is pretty. I think you missed an opportunity for "Guess the contraption". I might have guessed "wheel to Mars Rover".