Art Nouveau Garden Trellis

Art Nouveau Garden Trellis

My largest blacksmithing project to date. Part of a series of experimental pieces that are leading to me taking on larger architectural work.

Forged from 1/2 inch solid round stock.

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Beautiful lines, I'd hate to see it covered up with plants! Lin

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Nice work, Allen! You've

Nice work, Allen! You've gotten some nice section changes from the stock and created a flow to the piece with them.

For a trellis, I do think you might want to add another leg to it, unless the top can be fastened to a wall or something. The first time I made a trellis (for myself) I was surprised at how much force plants can exert as they grow. My first one was made from lighter stock than yours and supported, (for a while, anyway), a passion vine. Within a year that plant had almost collapsed my evidently inadequate trellis. It was a good learning experience and I'm glad that learning didn't come on a client's piece! (grin)


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Thank you for the complement

Thank you for the complement and thanks a ton for pointing out the load issue. I'll be sure to add additional supports before I install it!

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Love it, it reminds me of

Love it, it reminds me of the clemantis vines growing outside my kitchen window.


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Neat coincidence, the

Neat coincidence, the trellis is for my wife's clematis she planted this spring.