Copper rose

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Copper rose

Made this rose using only a torch pair of pliers and tin snips.

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Copper rose

Hi, I would be interested in trying to make a rose out of copper myself. The one in the picture looks great and I was wondering if you had any plans or drawings that would help a beginner like myself. I have all the tools needed and a torch, so I just need to know where to start. If you can get back to me, my email is thanks!

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copper roses

Very nice rose. What tecnique are you using to get the bumps on the stem? That is the one area of my roses I do not like. Not to hijack your thread but for those who would like to see one way to make roses from copper follow the attached like. It will take you to the metalshapers website with a step by step pictorial on this subject.

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dirtkingdk, This is really

This is really nice...My daughter Mia loves roses and says its AWESOME!!!


Jamie Santellano