brass door knocker and patterns

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brass door knocker and patterns

Being an engraver I try to make items to be engraved. In this case a brass door knocker with 2 nicely proportioned engraving areas.
My metal projects usually begin as wood projects.
Before I can make any sand castings, I must make the patterns. I usually work with a good grade of plywood, car body putty and a lot of elbow grease.
In this case 2 patterns are needed to make the finished door knocker castings.
The image shows an early prototype made from these patterns.
I usually make a few castings and tweak the patterns to fix any problems. This may happen quite a few times but when done the extra work is worth it.
When the patterns are finally just how I want them I make permanent gates and sprues part of the pattern plate.
They are then painted and sealed for long life and I am ready to make many door knocker castings.

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NIce work

HI Bill; I can see you put a lot of effort into that..Nice Work..

Cheer Keith

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Very nice. I always thought

Very nice. I always thought that I would try sandcasting but probably never will.


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Stephen Fitz-Gerald
Are you casting these in your own foundry at home or outsourcing that part.
I've often wanted to have select small pieces cast; like door knobs or faucet knobs(in bronze),but found the expense too steep to recoup the investment.

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home foundry

Hi Stephen

I am casting these in my home foundry.Most of the foundry is home made things I learned about on the internet. The furnace runs on propane.I have been doing it a couple years now and have not burned down the garage yet...

I am doing a demonstration at our local festival this weekend. Actually going to melt some brass and make some small parts there if it does not rain.

My son is supposed to take pictures. I may be able to post some here next week if all goes well.