fantasy flower

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fantasy flower

other side. Form is getting close to "angel trumpet" depth will need to increase depth by 50% Brad

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Nice going brad! Is it

Nice going brad! Is it copper? and if that`s the case did you chem patinated it or used a ready mixed product? As a farmer,I love organically inspired work, be it birds,plants,or any living thing. Another nice nature adornment! nelson.

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Thank you for your interest.

Thanks for your comments. Yes, this and most of my work is in copper. Home brew chemical patina. Organic forms are my major focus. Plants and their forms my current area of concentration. thanks again enjoy Brad

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Is this the Halsead

Is this the Halsead (probably misspelled) fold? Did you use a rolling mill?


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Marilyn It begins as one.

It begins as one. Repeatedly Brad