Aluminum Sculpture Project

Aluminum Sculpture Project

Hi there,

Many of you were REALLY kind to help me with this project a few months ago (O.K., more than a few months ago). It's a 108' long sculpture that spans a pond at a retirement community in NC. It's made of 22, 5'x10' sheets of 3/16" aluminum on the front, and 22 on the back (kind of has a 3-D effect). Installation will be within a month or so, and I will add pics of it soon after.

By the way.........I used the Canvas design program, then saved the files as dxf's and sent them to the CNC machine. Canvas is good.......not the best however when it comes to sending the dxf's.

This is only the drawing of it.......real pics will come soon......I am a bit nervous as I don't really know what it will look like when crossing fingers and saying lots of kind things to invisible realms..........

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Do you have additional

Do you have additional support on the in flight bird?

That is quite a sail area and in and wind at all, will bend right over without support.

Gene Olson
Elk River, MN

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aluminum sculpture

Yes...thanks. We've been working on this for almost a year..........well actually it only took that long because of the construction delays, etc., sure needs to be supported.....we get hurricanes out here! That pic is very small I see.......oh well....the real ones will be better anyway.........

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I'm glad to see your project

I'm glad to see your project is coming to fruition, Kim! I look forward to seeing the photos of the completed work soon.


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If folks will click on the

If folks will click on the "original" link at the bottom of your post, they will get the larger version. It's actually quite large. Kudos to you Kimberli for getting this project underway. I know it will look just lovely above the pond! Hay, I also like your new user picture!