Copper pendant with Baltic amber

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Copper pendant with Baltic amber

More and larger pictures on my blog.

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Nice glowing piece of

Nice glowing piece of jewelry.

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That's a very handsome

That's a very handsome piece, Tom. The copper and the amber work together very well and the design is dynamically pleasing. I like the way you handled the texture and chasing. It looks to me like you made your own chasing chisels, too. How was the body of the piece made - repousse/chasing, cast or fabricated?

Nice work!


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Rich, I have more pictures

Rich, I have more pictures on my blog, where writes in Polish. Only a few posts are in English. I try to add many photos, because they speak the international language.

This pendant is made in the technique of Chasing & Repoussé.

I invite you to my blog:

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