2 pendants and a brooch

2 pendants and a brooch

Here is some of my jewelry. the peices are meant to be displayed as wall hangings on the steel bases when they are not being worn. these are a couple of years old, but I just recently found them in a box from when we moved and had forgotten how much I liked them

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Pendants & Brooch

Hi Matt,

These are amazing! I love the idea that they can be displayed as art when not being worn. What kind of metal & stones did you use for the pendants & brooch? What are the dimensions?


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Thanks Peggy, from left to

Thanks Peggy, from left to right they are,#1 sterling, montana agate, and garnet; #2sterling,18k gold, fossil,and freshwater pearl, #3 sterling, mokume, copper,garnet and pearl. the steel basses are ach about 6" high so that can give a good gauge of the size of the individual pieces.

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nice pendants....love the

nice pendants....love the display option.

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I like these very much and I

I like these very much and I like the display option. However, where is the chain to hang them on? Does it wind up behind somehow or does it have to be removed when displaying them on the wall?