The Kraken (front view)

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The Kraken (front view)

This piece is very difficult to photograph. It is quite impossible to present the 3D aspect of the whole piece in only one shot, so there it is, in three different pictures.

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Wow! What a totally beauiful piece. I love seaworthy art.


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Thank you Aaron!

Thank you Aaron!

I saw from your beautiful web site that you are really well situation to fully appreciate anything seaworthy... ;-) All your jewelry is absolutely gorgeous, but I specially like the chain and pendant, as well as the shark teeth's necklace.

Un Bijou de Caméléon
Wearable Art

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It is amazing work of art

It is amazing work of art and gorgeous image too!

Jewelry is worth being beautiful!

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Thank you Andrew for your

Thank you Andrew for your comments on my piece and on the image too! There are two other views of this piece, where you can it entirely.

One shows it as a tiny table top sculpture.

The other shows how it can be worn on a leather cord as a pendant. Any other type of chain or neck wire could be used too, but the leather make it look more "piraty".