Anticlastic Necklace

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Anticlastic Necklace

This is a piece that I was commissioned to make and it's almost finished! I just have to clean up a bit , and polish. This is part of a set-earrings, and bangle. Here is the Anticlastic pendant from another anglePendant: Here is the Anticlastic pendant from another angle

 even's hollow!Pendant: even's hollow!



Jamie Santellano

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Absolutely Beautiful.....

Love your work....I really like this pendant. I have always had an affinity to crescent pieces. Are those someone's initials? (that's my initials backwards!) Janet R.

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Thanks, Yes those are the

Yes those are the initials of the person, and her husband who commissioned me to make this piece.

BTW Congrats on the sale of your candle holder! It ;ooks amazing! Awesome work!


Jamie Santellano

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Anticlastic Pendant

Hi Jamie,

I really like your pendant necklace. What are the dimensions of the pendant?


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Hi Peggy, Thanks for your

Hi Peggy,

Thanks for your compliments. I the pendant is 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" in diameter, and the widest opening of the curve is 7/16." It is quite a large piece and it's made from 20 gage Sterling, so it is also a bit heavy, but at the same time very strong. Being a hollow form I don't want it easily dent. I think it compliments the Anticlastic bangle I made for client quite
well. Anticlastic BangleBangle: Anticlastic Bangle


Jamie Santellano