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Hope everybody is out there busy making beautiful things. Heres my latest....

Sterling Silver Necklace , Abalone, Smokey Quartz, approx. 2" x .75. Pendant and chain are fabricated. Shell and stone are cut by me.

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Excellent work, Aaron!

Excellent work, Aaron! Excellent photograph, too. Do you do your own photo work or have someone else do it?

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Hey Rich,
I am photographing my own work. I did piece above on a piece of opaque black glass recently bestowed upon me by my mom. With one of those photo studios in a box on top of it. I will usually take multiple photos of something until i get one I like. I use other backdrops as well.


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Nice indeed and the

Nice indeed and the photograph as well. marilyn

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Nice indeed

Thanks Marilyn. Hope your new year is off to a great start.