Help identifying an old relic & with casting

Help identifying an old relic & with casting

I found this piece in my neighbors barn. His father was an collector of Japanese art a long time ago. Unfortunately, my friend (now in his 70's) does not recall what this was originally attached to.
As you can see, it has a beautiful patina and appears to be very old. It is approximately 12" in length.
I was wondering if anyone here might be able to help me identify what era it originated from. Also, I have an idea that involves creating a mold from this piece and casting some very cool door pulls! Can anyone make some suggestions in regards to the proper approach to accomplishing this endeavor (e.g. mold making technique, casting media, etc.)?
Any help would be appreciated!


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Greensand casting

You can get super fine detail with sand casting! The finer the sand, the finer the casting will be, we have even captured our fingerprints in greensand. We replicate the green plastic army guys and get every detail of their little backpacks and belts.
Look over the step-by-step pages, here is a link

Here is a more complete step-by-step for greensand casting
It is very easy to learn, we teach classes to kids in our spare time. Your item looks for easy to replicate.
Look over the sample pages to see many different castings we have done and the super fine detail you can get.

Have a lovely day!