Table XO1

Table XO1

Inspiration: Came from teaching geometric development to apprentice boilermakers.

Design: AutoCad software used

Finished product: result of 20 years experience as a metal fabricator.

Material: Mild steel with 2 pack purple paint finish. 10mm float glass on table surface.

Value: Appreciate feedback to what it may be worth

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Perfect, and if I may say,

Perfect, and if I may say, lil too perfect. I have heard much about this CAD program, my older Bro went to school that designs the computers that run the large CNC machines and he says that the designing program is perfect. me personally this table is great but would really touch my fancy if all these cuts were made with a beginers hand and a 110 volt plasma cutter. but that is just the way i feel. Great job though. that purple fits on the end of the rainbow...


No Metal left behind, once was lost but now is all welded together!