Room Divider Screen "Tropical Dreams"

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Room Divider Screen "Tropical Dreams"

Surrounded by lush tropical foliage on a remote island paradise, you stumble onto a secluded pool at the base of a gentle waterfall. Smell the saltwater, feel the warm breeze, go ahead, indulge -- and bring the fantasy home with this exquisite Tropical Dreams room divider. Designed by the artist, drawing inspiration from his Cuban homeland, this 69" high by 72" wide screen is certain to be a treasured addition to any home or office setting.

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where can i purchase this?

where can i purchase this?

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I like it

I would also like to have one like this.
I would be grateful to you for sending some information about if it possible to buy one like that.

Thank you very much,

Csongor Lengyel

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Very nice piece, QuiQue!

Very nice piece, QuiQue! The style is unmistakably yours.


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Tropical dreams

Just beautiful, E. Brad

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I agree....always liked this

I agree....always liked this piece. And great use of the CNC tech. I'm also a huge fan of Art Deco/Nouveau.....and Edgar Brandt has to be one of my favs. I can see his influence in this piece.
I bet this was very popular at the Trade Shows. Can't imagine a gallery NOT wanting one. :)

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Drop Dead Gorgeous!

I absolutely love this screen, I too love that genre of metalwork....I could look at this all day, there should be no problem in selling this piece. People should be fighting over it. Amazing!!! Janet R.

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nice divider

I love it. Can I ask what thickness plate you used?


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The patterns are cut with a

The patterns are cut with a cnc plasma cutter on 16 gauge steel.

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Looks great.

The work is really great. So when are you going to do a week long workshop? :-)

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I don't think I will be

I don't think I will be giving a workshop on cnc plasma cutting, but I will likely put together a three-day blacksmithing workshop for next spring. Once I get the specifics set up, I will post the event here on ArtMetal.

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bead work

very nice screen. can you discribe the "bead" work on the inside of the frame?

don thibodeaux

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The bead work is a 1/4"

The bead work is a 1/4" thick steel cnc plasma cut pattern which is then turned on edge to show the face of the "bead" cut.

Glad you noticed! 

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Plasma Cutting

Do you have any experience with CNC water-jet cutting? I always preferred to use that rather than CNC Plasma. Why did you choose plasma cutting? Was it just because it was CNC and available?

Nic East, Jim Thorpe, PA USA
Creativity begins with a novel thought.

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A few years back I started a

A few years back I started a limited production wholesale business with my son to sell functional art to galleries. My son and I put together a cnc plasma cutting system using the Torchmate kit. This particular design was designed using CAD software and was cut using this plasma cutting system.

My son ended up going back to college to get a degree in economics. Even though he enjoyed this type of work, he realized he could probably make a better living as a bank manager. So, the short story is that I have this wonderful machine that can reproduce the same design over and over just sitting in my shop without any use now. If there is anyone interested in acquiring it, let me know.

As to water-jet cutting. Way too expensive for a small shop.

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Nic, I've used a local guy


I've used a local guy to do some CNC waterjet cutting a couple of times and in doing so learned some things that would make me steer clear of it for my shop.

First, his machine, an old Rhino, I think, has cost him nearly as much in replacement parts as a new machine, over the course of several years. That isn't the biggest issue, though.

The last job I had him do for me was cutting some chain links from 1/4" silicon bronze, and it was horribly expensive. On the order of ten bucks a link. That was due to the agonizingly slow speed at which waterjet cuts silicon bronze. Stainless is really bad too, he tells me. He primarily uses the machine to cut glass for his wife's art business, and it really excells at that. Goes through glass like a hot knife through butter. Great for cardboard, too. Not so great for any metal that is at all abrasion resistant.

I also thought about laser cutting, but some types of lasers, (Co2, I think) can't cut copper due to the wavelength. On the whole, plasma is probably the way to go for metal work, albeit that it is dirty and dusty.

Since there is no one in the Territory who has a plasma cutter machine, I'm considering investing in one to do job shop work. Something to pay the bills, mostly, and only occasionally use for my own work.

I guess I need to negotiate with Enrique about delivering his machine to me and teaching me how to use it. I really want the O/A torch tractor and I'd just get the plasma as a means to getting a "free" torch drive. (grin)

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Absolutely stunning screen

Absolutely stunning screen what is the finish? Adrian

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copper sulphate is applied

copper sulphate is applied in liquid form using a sea sponge. Once dried, we put a linseed oil mix to seal it. Today, I would use WD-40 instead of the linseed oil mix. Note this finish is only good for indoor work.

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I own this one!

I guess I was the lucky one to get this piece! It more beautiful in person and i get so many compliments on the divider. There's a sense of peace and serenity when you look at it. Great Job Enrique and thanks...