Family project

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Family project

This is a stand we just completed for my father in law's insurance office. This was a present for his 75th birthday. It is an eclectic collection of wood (walnut, mahogany, oak, and ebony) and steel. Although it is a rather simple project, the cool thing is that everyone in the family contributed to it. I made the table, my sister in law and family did the finishing on the wood, and my brother in law's kids made a little picture frame to sit on top. Everyone was able to contribute, regardless of skill or talent. A nice alternative to a Wal-Mart gift…

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Hi Rob,
The stand is beautiful. The fact that it was a family project makes it priceless. Congratulations to all of you.

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Thanks Frank! This was a

Thanks Frank! This was a really fun project. I am very close to my father in law and I wanted him to know how important he is to his family every day.

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Nice job its cool to see

Nice job its cool to see Blacksmithing combined with fine woodworking

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That is a lovely piece, and so unique!

That is a lovely piece, and so unique.! You must have a great family.

Rick Crawford at Smoky Forge

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Thanks Jim and Rick! I

Thanks Jim and Rick! I (we!) really appreciate your comments.

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Rob thats awsome, I love how

Rob thats awsome, I love how the legs taper down, and what else can be said about marrying the iron and wood together.


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Absolutely Gorgeous. A fine

Absolutely Gorgeous. A fine piece of work that every one can be proud of.

Rick Sidebottom
Metal Artist

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not only do you have

not only do you have smithing talent, but wood working! The two blend so well, and you really captured the beauty of the mediums in this piece. Wow.....
Guthrie, MN

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Hi Rob, your table looks

Hi Rob, your table looks amazing. I love the multiple materials and the multiple contributers. What a wonderful gift. Your skills at woodworking are only rivaled by your metalworking. Do you have a separate shop for your woodworking? Any time I try to do woodwork in my shop I get oil, grease, and whatever other messy film seems to accompany all of the steel I buy all over the wood. Now I just subcontract out.


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Beautiful! Rob...

What a beautiful table and a beautiful gift .It's so nice when I hear how much someone loves their family and shows it in such a unique way. What a timeless heirloom for your family. Great job. janet R.

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Thanks so much, folks! This

Thanks so much, folks! This a great forum to receive encouragement from such wonderful and talented artists. I really enjoy working with wood, I find it magical. The combination of the two media is relatively new for me, so I'll see where this goes.
Jake- regarding my wood shop/metal shop arrangement, they are separated by an open doorway. I am very strict about keeping each project in its own place, and washing my hands (almost like a surgical suite) when going between projects. Otherwise, I would have a lot of greasy wood.


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Very nice. I like the

Very nice. I like the organics in the front.

Gerald Boggs