Chained Glass Coffee Table

Here's a table I have had a lot of success with. The link actually comes up through the glass. Causes people to think! This one was shipped to Croatia. Janet R.

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ah..........did you forget

ah..........did you forget to hit the "insert" image button? :)

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Having trouble again!

No Bill, thanks for asking. Sometimes it just seems as if I can't get my images on. I"ll e-mail it to you. Can you post it? Janet

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no prob. :) Chain Table:

no prob. :)

)Chain Table: Janet's "Chain Table" :)

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bigger photo

Hi, any chance of a larger photo. My eyes jsut don't do as well as there used to :-)
Gerald Boggs

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I hear ya, Gerald. it does

I hear ya, Gerald. it does get a lil larger if you click on the image LOL
BUT if Janet will send me a larger one.......I'll switch it out. :)

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Thanks Bill!!!!

Thanks for posting the pic for me.... I don't think I have a larger picture but if he clicks gives you a larger version. Would love to meet veryone one day. We will have to arrange an ARTMETAL MEET somewhere in between..... excepting those from overseas. Just dreaming...just like you guys so much wish we could work together. Janet R.