morph 3 - Hearts of Desire event auction

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morph 3 - Hearts of Desire event auction

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amazing I love it so much,

amazing I love it so much, what a gorgous piece. how much would this go for....

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Auction item


When is the auction on what is the cause? May two folks bid it high! Great job.


Fred Zweig

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Quite a Valentines Day present!!!

Wow Jake! Perfect for Valentine's would make a great gift for someone! janet R.

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Yea, a great gift for me...

Yea, a great gift for me... Jake, will you be my Valentine?

PS: is it powdercoated?

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i love it

about how much are u asking for it if you do not mind me asking i would love to have this very nice pice in my home please e-mail me at thank you and have a nice day

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Thanks all for your nice comments.

The event was actually last February and I didn't get around to posting a pict till October. The event was themed "Hearts of Desire" and everyone was given an aluminum heart of the same size and thickness. Mine is the base plate. As I was pondering concepts I realized that there are usually two responses to Valentines day true love, dinner, and romance OR bitterness, resentment, and breakups. I kind of went with the latter just to be different. The piece is called "Broken Heart Coffee Table" and it literally separates into two halves. I should have played around with the shape of the top more to accentuate the separation more, but I barely made the deadline as it was. The auction was to raise money for the Bemis Art Center in Omaha, Ne(They offer fellowships each year and have facilities arranged for metalworkers if anyone is interested). In the end the table auctioned for $750, about $500 less than I was hoping for, but it was one of the highest bid pieces there so that's a pretty cool thing.

It is powder coated J.R. They now have some translucent powder coats that go straight over polished aluminum/stainless or you can powder coat steel a shiny silver first and then coat it with the red or whatever. It looks like you can almost dip your hand into it. There are not too many times you can get away with this color, but Valentines Day seemed like one of them.