Orchid Plant

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Orchid Plant

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The large leaves at the base of the orchid set it off beautifully. All the orchids I have done in steel have had small leaves and your large leaves give the sculpture more of a presence. Lin

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Hi Lin,
Thank you.
I had a nice piece of very weathered, thick steel sheet to make leaves for three different plants.
Will be going to a thinner sheet for the next plant so these leaves will get more shape.
Got some anvil ideas to assist making leaves and petals. I made one anvil out of a meat hook.
This sure is fun making metal plants and such.


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Really like these

I like the direction you`re taking these plants Frank.
From what I see in the pics you`re really having fun with this and it shows.I look forward to seeing what comes next.
I also like the larger leaves at the base of this one,gives it a really nice balanced look.

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice there is.

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Can't Wait To Start The Next One

Hi Daedalus,
Thank you.I need to throw in some dead leaves too, and more air roots and.... I can't wait to start the next plant and apply what the last one taught me.