Conuing Progress on Horse head

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Conuing Progress on Horse head

With the pleasant warm weather here in da UP, I've been able to continue work on the Horse Head sculpture. I can't pick it up any more.I think I need to make the pedestal next, before adding on any more weight.
Enjoying Life,

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Horsing around

She is a beauty. The frame work reminds me of the geodesic structures you made of straws in the early 70s.


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Early 70s

Hi Dave,
Thank you.Bucky Fuller was and is a very strong influence in my life.His teachings rewired my brain, in a synergistic fashion of course. Early 70s ? You're messing with my mind.

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Looking good

I do love your animals frank, you seem to be able to capture the essence. More real than cutsey. Brilliant
Andy and Michelle

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No Cutseys

Hi Andy and Michelle,
Thank you.Its a good adventure, but nothing as daunting as your ancient man. I admire your efforts.

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Some (Horse)Headway

Working on the horse head has been a true flow experience.No pounding, just bending and fitting, but the therapeutic value is astounding.Each piece of rebar is a surprise,one bends like butter and the next requires some serious grunting.
Peace, Love, Metal
FrankHorse Head 3-10-10Horse Head 3-10-10