Singing Fingers

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Singing Fingers

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Hi Frank, Nice, I truly like

Hi Frank,
Nice, I truly like mix media sculpture, if you could fit yours in that category for having metal at the base. Anyway, I see your trying different stuff lately. What about that fresh cut in the forehead, is that major chain saw surgery or what Frank...? That kind of sculpture goes well in parks and natural sorroundings like the one you have. Trying new ways is a sure path to discoverying the unknown. Keep it up! nelson

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New Stuff

Hi Nelson,
The missing piece of the forehead fell off. That part of the head was lying on the moist ground for years.The wood and metal are joined in a delightfully musical way.

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Frank, very nice piece. How


very nice piece. How did you join the two mediums. If you did this with a chain saw, when your hammer gets tired try a few chisels on some more wood. I like it....and i haven't even heard the music yet.


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Hi Bob,
Thanks. A (wo)man never has too many hammers, clamps,anvils, saws or chisels. I know the list is way too short, wrenches,albums......
I saw the head in the wood and I was holding a chainsaw at the moment. I drilled a hole about the size of the re-rod stem and pounded in spikes to give it the "tighten up" . The whole affair is crude, as some things should be.