Medicine Eagle Armature

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Medicine Eagle Armature

Garret's picture


Will you be doing a whole eagle or just the head? Look's like you have a great start. Can't wait to see it done.

Frank Castiglione's picture

Head Only

Hi Garret,
Thanks. I'll be limiting this project to just the head. It's 30" long. I finished the face yesterday, so today I can start adding feathers.

matt m myers's picture

Looks great man, I like it

Looks great man, I like it just as the armature. But thats just me.-M

Frank Castiglione's picture

Me too !

Hi Matt,
Actually, I like the substructure of anything better.I would like to try an abstract that is basically a fancy armature. I need to work on real first. One step at a time.
Peace, eh?