Trickster with wing feathers

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Trickster with wing feathers

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Hi Frank, the trickester is

Hi Frank, the trickester is about ready to fly huh! As I mention some time back, I will be making a couple of macawas for the entrance road to my shop, as advertisement.
If a follow you right,the overall skeleton structure,head with beack and legs are done first,before laying any wings,is that correct? Now, the wing nerve or bone holds two sets of wings so to speak,one towards the ribs, and the other to the back or top lets say. Curiosity Frank, you collectèm or sell them? By the way,hire a cat,it won`t trouble the birds... Regards . nelson.

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What comes first, chicken or egg?

Hi Nelson,
I really don't know the correct scenario.What worked for me was to make an armature for the bird. That included the body and some kind of understructure for the wing.Whatever you do for an armature, don't make it the finished girth,as the body, feathers,whatever will make it fatter as these components are added.I made the head separate so I could work on it more easily and have the option of positioning it on the armature as it might look best.I made a sheet metal body, then attached the head,then the leg(thighs), then the feet, then the tail, then the body feathers, then the wing feathers, then the remaining body feathers on the back. I made sure that I had a sturdy rod for an attachment point to the stand while there was basically only an armature. This facilitates holding the piece as you work on it too. Everything is MIG welded, so there's lots of spatter. I learned to wrap any finished portion with aluminum foil to protect it. Too bad I figured this out today and not three weeks ago.Nelson, I hope this is helpful. Feel free to ask as you go.I made these sculptures to sell.The tourist season will soon be here, that presents the best opportunity to sell art here.

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Frank the process you

Frank the process you describe to make the bird is logical.It`s nice to check for safety. Once you make figures it`s similar.Simply,if one never made a fish lets say,scales instead of feathers,and it should take a longer time to figure things along the way, than what it would take to a bird expert like you. I am working on a human figure for a contest, but can`t post nothing `cause that may mean "out of contest" you know. When I`m done al posted,the thing is a little over size,or lets say is a six ft or more man.My birds got to wait, when I start I`ll be sharing it. Thanks and best luck on your saling season. nelson.