This is great!!!

Money Makers
This is great!!!


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WOW!! Awesome.......... web



web site:

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Who designed the Art Deco

Who designed the Art Deco poster? very nice job

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The Poster

The artist of this image is Kevis Sykes. He's a DETROIT artist, now living in New Jersey.

He has this little site:

Kevin and I go way back; he does most of my images. Usually, I'll do a poster silk screen for a big show, then use the poster as an inexpensive piece of art for the people.

HIGHWAY PRESS prints them for me and they are awesome to work with.

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new address

Try to see other things I'm doing. Don is the best!


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Nice poster, Don. Gene

Nice poster, Don.

Gene Olson
Elk River, MN

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here os another poster Keviposterpostern did for me