New Coffee table from recycled kitchen counter

New Coffee table from recycled kitchen counter

So here is the finished table in it's new home. This was made from an existing countertop. A true design challenge. The entire piece is filled with some type of composite board making it hard to weld without burning through the thin stainless++++ super heavy...Yikes!!! Did it!!! SteelyJan

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Hi SJ! Table looks great!

Hi SJ!
Table looks great! Good luck in Berryville on the 9th. I'm sorry we won't see you that day (we're putting on the local Craft's Guild show that weekend). We'll be thinking of you and looking forward to the pictures!

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Nice to hear from you Rob!!

Hey, it's been too long, I have to come and visit's welding???
Anything new + exciting? SteelyJan

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coffee table

Stephen Fitz-Gerald
Hey Jan,
I like the table.
The legs are most interesting.
I can't really tell what's going on at the corners but it looks cool overall.
How did you finish the surface?

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Thanks Stephen

The tubing wraps around the corners...finished with first flap sander, then orbital sander, then used a wood finishing small flat sander, sprayed with
Permalac even though it's stainless... legs are stagnated stacked tubing cut offs, with wood blocks inside the bottom, so we could put glue the felt floor guards on...SteelyJan