Making a Jig To Bend Circles etc.

Making a Jig To Bend Circles etc.

I need to bend a perfect circle out of 10-20 mm rebar. I am currently trying to bend around a strong pipe welded to a piece of angle holding it in the vice.
This takes me too much time and is too difficult and takes the enjoyment out of the craft. Cannot afford to buy a tool for this and the tools they do sell are not strong enough for bending 20mm rebar. If anyone could help me out, would be well appreciated.
p.s. image is a small one to bend 12mm rebar cold. Have not yet built one for 20mm rebar. Seeking advice first.

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Rolling rerod

There is a shop built rolling machine that I like the looks of. A set of pictures is shown at the Metalworking Dropbox. Just scroll down to the Roller.txt file and also see the pictures that also start with the word Roller.

Rick Crawford at Smoky Forge

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Rick, thanks a lot for that link. That looks like a brilliant jig. That baby would be perfect for what I need.

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how big is the cicle you

how big is the cicle you need to build?

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Different sizes

There are a few different sizes, 500mm, 200mm and 350mm these are external measurements.

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rebar circles

it's to bad you do not work in a rebar shop like I do. We have a ring machine to make are circles. I make lots of differnt types of rebar art,working in the shop gives me all the tools I need to bend all the shapes I need.I can be reached at ,keep up the good work. Greg

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Cheers Greg

Tell me about it Greg, I work as a Shuttering Carpenter, sometimes do a little Steelfixing also. I have only worked with a little on site bending jig that could only do a few angles. I can only imagine the types of machinery you get in a rebar shop. Would love to see some of the machines and work you have done. Cheers