Bone Head

Bone Head

Here is a Sculpture I did the other day.
Experimenting in color.
I'm not crazy about the pallet but I wanted to try it.
It's playful, I guess I like things a little bit more intense.
Although, it's growing on me.
The title was for my ever growing Senior moments! "I seem to have a lot of them".

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Hi Chuck, Here we go again,

Hi Chuck,
Here we go again, no just kidding man! I like it. Without your explaining, the message is cristal clear. It`s colors are fun, somehow whimsical, and with no doubt as soon as I saw it, it took me right back to my school years. Hey that would be a great sculpture for any kind of teaching facility, be it primary, high school, or college. Great to me! nelson.

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Coolness dude! You sure are

Coolness dude! You sure are having fun. Is this one coming to the show on Saturday? See you there, it's going to be a party!!!

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Thanks for the compliments.

I wish this was coming to Show with some of my other pieces, but I did not pick the Sculptures the Gallery did.
Yes, I will be hitting up the Kokopelli Brewery next door.


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Hey Chuck! Nice work!!!

Hey Chuck!
Nice work!!! It's great to experiment! I was experimenting with chain mail recently, and was using colored rings to make the weave...I used the same colors, but added a fourth-teal blue. Looks very cool! Colors are great!

I wish you lots of luck at the show!!! Keep us posted on what happens =D


Jamie Santellano