fold formed vessels and bowls four b

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fold formed vessels and bowls four b

folds line and T, T fold gathers wall to close up vase.

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oh wow!

This is my favorite! I love the overall shape of the vase and the crispness of the folds. VERY NICE!

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Thank you for your interest.

fold forming is a passion of mine. Brad

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Fold Forming?

The vessel is beautiful, B.J. I am unfamiliar with this technique could you explain the basic process or point me toward some literature that would.


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Fold forming did you say fold forming

The technique of fold forming is best described by Charles Lewton Brain on his web site. The pcs you have been looking at build from the basic techniques, they represent my creative efforts, and the work I've been doing on applications of those techniques. CLB wants pics of my work for inclusion in his up coming new video. I'll be happy to answer questions. I feel a demo coming on. do a search on this site. a few of us do fold forming. thanks for responding. Brad

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There are some craftsman bowls which were inspired by stuff Peter the Great (Russia) had done, that exhibit folding like some of this as a means to create shape so folding is old in the sense of Twain's comment that there wasn't an original thought around, the ancients stole em all from us. Charles has certainly had fun with it though, pushed it right to the edge, and inspired some really nice work.

Gene Olson
Elk River, MN

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Gene. My hope is that I'm

My hope is that I'm getting close to and perhaps redefining that edge. My work builds from CLB and from some of the arts and crafts movement. as well as the hisbiscus in my back yard. the leaves of a banana tree, Seppas thoughts on form. AM's exposure to divergent thoughts of poeple all over the world. Gotta love it...Brad

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Thanks Brad. I just looked at Charles Lewton Brain website. Wow, what a talented metalworker. His web site is very informative.


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B.J..........I'm familiar

B.J..........I'm familiar with fold forming but was wondering what technique was used to incorprate fold forming with vessels like bowls. Do you have to raise the vessel/bowl first and then do the fold forming? Just can't wrap my head around this.


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It's in the folds and unfolding

I understand for me it's the rolled in lips on your pcs. Like 'em,, I'll do a demo of the technique for the weekend.
There is no raising on this pc..The 3, 5, and 6 fold pcs there is some raising. The press is used to make the bottom concave on this pc. anneal often Brad