Cobweb gate

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Cobweb gate

Loved Nic Easts cobweb gate so thought i'd show you mine. Just finished for a Wiltshire Wildlife Exibition in July. The gate is steel, as is the web and the ivy. Old copper water tanks made up the spider and ivy leaves, scrap cable for the legs. My favourite bit is the long tapered vine with a bluebell on the end, (Artistic licence!) Will be mounted on reclaimed oak fence posts. Really dont want to paint or galv it. Is there a laquer suitable for steel fo outside, I cant see anyone oiling it regularly.
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Michelle and Andy

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Beautiful work!
Have you ever tried Boiled Linseed oil as a finish?? It weathers quite well. I use it on copper pieces. Brush on a coat, let itdry in the sun and do a few more.

I love your imagination...